The Project

When the two musicians Guillermo Peña (Hang) and Dennis Merz (Guitar) first met in 2016, an exciting and extraordinary musical cooperation was soon to be expected, evolving from their shared interest in musical and cultural exchange from the very first, and their strong believe in music as the universal language of humankind.

Classical Guitar and Handpan (or Hang). Two instruments that couldn't be more different, finding each other in a powerful and exciting way. They find each other through the inspiring friendship and cultural exchange of two musicians, their shared love for a music without borders, through blind trust and lively communication while playing together.

Stylistically you will find elements of flamenco, tango, bossa nova, oriental and indian music such as jazz and european classical music. The spherical, exotic sounds of the hang meet the spirited timbre of the guitar. Vocal, lyrical melodies and a complex harmony contrast with fiery and dancing rhythms. Fixed composed forms always leave room for improvisation. Emotion and sensitivity are  just as important as powerful virtuosity.